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Dear CAC Family,Donate to CAC
Every day your support makes it possible for CAC to continue to grow and thrive and for its staff and volunteers to focus on improving existing programs and developing new ones that enrich our community’s needs and aspirations. Today we are launching our Year-End Campaign. Money from the campaign will go to helping us reach new goals, like:
  • Invest in newer programs that will represent, entertain, and bridge our culture and our community with others.
  •  Grow from 16 events per year in 2016 to 20 events in 2017.
  • Establish the CAC Cultural Club this spring targeting our community members, especially seniors, that offer both social and cultural outings.
  • Enrich the CAC 4th Annual Arab Cultural Month and Festival this April with attractive activities.
  • Establish a CAC summer camp that provides children with skills necessary to develop and connect with the culture.
  •  Increase our student count at the Arabic school from 101 in 2016, to 120 in 2017.
  • Offer our teachers professional development training and strengthen our curriculum.
  • Allow our choir to grow and perform 5 concerts per year.
We’ve also been working hard to grow and diversify our board with new members, and are very excited to be injecting new ideas and energy in the group. With that, we are very happy to share some of our accomplishments this year 2016:
  • CAC collaborated for a third semester with the Agha Khan Documentation Center at MIT to showcase 3 unique movies followed by speaker-led discussions.
  • The CAC 3rd Annual Arab Cultural Month and Festival was the most successful to date with over 240 attendees.
  • Twelve distinguished Arab American artists across the country entrusted us with their artwork and allowed us to create the first CAC calendar for 2017.
  • Enrollment in our Arabic cooking classes is at its highest with 50 attendees in 2016.
  • CAC co-sponsored the “All Strangers are Kin” book event with Harvard Bookstore and the “Boston-Basra” art project with the Fort Point Theater during summer and fall 2016.
  • Emerging Arab American artists’ work like Kinan Idnawi, Aliya Cycon Project and many others is promoted by CAC’s active electronic weekly newsletter.
  • Our Arabic children’s choir performed at local schools and organizations like the city of Somerville MLK celebration and the International School of Boston spring festival.
However, without your continuous support, our accomplishments would not have been possible. We believe in our mission and we invite you to continue supporting it by giving generously. You can donate online by clicking the button below, or by mailing back the envelop enclosed with your letter to help ensure that we continue the work and do even more in 2017.

Donate to CAC

We welcome your ideas, comments and suggestions on what you’d like to see CAC do in 2017, and we’d love also to have you participate in any way you can. Help us grow our beloved center and spread the arts and culture of our community as a bridge of love, tolerance and understanding.

Thank you for your trust, continued support, and friendship.

Randa Shedid, J.D.


CAC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Donations are tax exempt.

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