Arabic School on Sundays

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About the School

The Center for Arabic Culture’s (CAC) Arabic Sunday School in New England focuses on both academic empowerment and cultural enrichment activities. Our goal is to equip every student with the tools to speak, read and write Arabic. The school’s goal is to empower students through education, and to develop knowledge and pride in the Arabic language and culture. The CAC Arabic School shares the organization’s vision of promoting Arabic culture with no affiliation to any religious or political organizations.

The school is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where diversity is celebrated, where respect will be practiced to foster the academic and cultural development of all students regardless of gender, race or religion.


The Curriculum Committee and teachers are highly qualified and are committed to providing a stimulating curriculum that emphasizes the Arabic language and the arts.

This year, CAC hired Arabic Curriculum Director, Ms. Ikram Easton. Ms. Easton will train School Teachers, improve the curriculum, and match it with the US National Standards of teaching second languages. To read more about Ms. Ikram and her work with CAC, please Click Here.


8 Responses to “Arabic School on Sundays”
  1. Lamis says:

    Interested in Arabic classes for my 4 year old son

    • cacboston says:

      Hello Lamis,
      We currently accept students beginning at 5 years of age for the Sunday Arabic School.
      If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

      • Maha says:

        hello, My daughter turns 5 in February can she enroll in the Sunday school starting then?

      • cacboston says:

        HI Maha,
        The Sunday Arabic School has already begun and has been in session since early September. We do not accept students mid-year. Please come to the CAC Open House in May to register your daughter.
        The CAC Team

  2. Chafika says:


    My daughter Wijdenne will turn 1 year on June. I was wondering if there were any play group classes for the next school year for babies and toddlers so they get use to the sounds as: ح خ ع ق ظ ض!

    Best regards


  3. Nedaa says:

    can I know the school address

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