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Trans-Arab Research Institute

The Naseer Aruri/Mujid Kazimi Palestinian Students Scholarship


Dear CAC Community:

As you well know, the future of Palestine depends on developing its human resources.  Educating the young is the top priority for sustaining and leading the Palestinian people to a better future.  There are no shortcuts to that future.  Patience and steadfastness (“Sumuud”) are required to ensure that a constant supply of informed, skilled, and determined Palestinians graduate from Palestinian universities and go on to contribute to the social, economic, cultural, scientific, and political fabric of their community.

Palestinian families do not always have the financial means to send their children to institutions of higher learning.  We all know about the economic conditions imposed on Palestinians by the Occupying Power.  Yet we also know of the success and contributions of those who have managed to enroll in a university, graduate, and go on to enrich their community.  More, many more, are needed.  Together, we can help.  No effort is too little.

We are asking you today to contribute to the Naseer Aruri/Mujid Kazimi Palestinian Students Scholarship, which was established by the Trans-Arab Research Institute (TARI) to honor the memory of these two outstanding Palestinian scholars and educators.  Scholarships under this program are given to qualified Palestinian students enrolled in Palestinian universities in Gaza and the West Bank, including Jerusalem.  TARI is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  As such, your contribution is tax-exempt.  The Scholarship Selection Committee is made up of:  Joyce Aruri, Nazik Kazimi, and Leila Farsakh.

Your contribution to the Scholarship fund will help finance tuition fees for as many qualified and financially needy Palestinian students as total annual donations allow.  Scholarship awards will be made yearly.

Please fill out the enclosed pledge form and mail it with your contribution.  We thank you in advance for your consideration of supporting Palestinian students in Palestine.

For further information, you can contact either Joyce Aruri at or Nazik Kazimi at


The Scholarship Selection Committee:

Joyce Aruri, Nazik Kazimi, and Leila Farsakh




If you would like to donate, download and complete the following form:




Please contact, or with any questions!


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