Boston Globe Subscribers Can Support the CAC At No Cost!



Use your $100 GRANT voucher to support a charity.


Dear Boston Globe Subscribers,

The Boston Globe is proud to announce the return of GRANT (Globe Readers And Non-profits Together), a community initiative that’s designed to give subscribers like you a personal, no-cost way to support your favorite non-profit organization.

This exclusive subscriber benefit provides you with a GRANT Voucher Number that you can redeem as a way to support your favorite non-profit. Each selected non-profit organization later uses its GRANT dollars for free ad space in The Boston Globe.

As a 7-DAY subscriber, you have $100 GRANT dollars to allocate to the certified 501(c)(3) of your choice.

It only takes a minute — here’s how it works:

  • Choose a non-profit organization in your area that you would like to recognize.
  • Submit your selection by visiting and entering one of the following: Your Voucher Number, Subscriber Number, Email or Phone Number.
  • Your non-profit accumulates GRANT dollars which it can later redeem for free ad space in the Globe (the more GRANT dollars earned, the larger the ad space provided).

Stay up to date on subscriber contributions made to each organization by checking our 2015 Non-profit Leaderboard.

Last year, tens of thousands of subscribers participated to recognize nearly 3,100 charities. Of those, 407 earned free ad space in the Globe – with hundreds more receiving a free directory listing. Altogether, more than $1.6 million was donated at no cost to our subscribers and the charities they selected.

Remember, there is no cost to participate. GRANT is simply a way to help your favorite charity publicize its mission, recruit volunteers, promote fundraising and advertise events.

For additional information on GRANT, please visit


Redeem your voucher »

Thank you for subscribing to The Boston Globe and joining us in supporting our remarkable community.

The Boston Globe



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