CAC Children’s Choir – Call for Auditions

CAC Children's Choir

Auditions for enrolling in CAC Children’s Choir GOING ON NOW!


To schedule auditions:

Contact: Miss Richeh at ~ or call: 617-893-1176 or 877-222-9740

The Choir’s main mission is to promote the Arabic culture through folkloric, contemporary and modern Arabic music and songs.

CAC Choir Goals:

  • Introduce Arab-American youths to the Arabic and Middle Ea stern music, musicians and singers.
  • Learn about the Arabic quarter tones and singing styles.
  • Introduce the Arabic and Middle Eastern music to the American Society at large.
  • Encourage children and teenagers from all backgrounds to join irrespective of speaking Arabic.
  • Carry on concerts around Massachusetts and beyond to spread the word about the rich Arabic musical heritage.
  • For those who are interested in practicing their Arabic language skills the choir is a fun and contemporary method to build stronger knowledge of Arabic.
  • Singing in harmony and a cappella will enrich the children and teenagers’ musical background.

Audition Location: Mt. Ida school in Newton or at the Center for Arabic Culture office in Somerville. (by appointment) Basic knowledge of music is not required but preferred.

Audition requirements:

  1. Prepare a simple song to perform in any language
  2. The conductor will play along simple tunes and candidates will repeat them to decide which type of voice the candidate has (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass)
  3. Auditioning will be conducted privately to allow the kids to sing freely.

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