Will you help us reach our goal?

The year 2011 has been an incredible year of firsts for CAC – our first year in our new home, first open house, first summer camp, first adult education classes, and just recently a grand and extravagantly successful fashion show. The list goes on. And with those firsts comes significant growth and increased interest from both within our community, and among the greater public at large. Not only have we seen a 53% increase in our mailing list and growing attendance at our events, but we also have been covered by mainstream publications such as the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine. (Click here for 2011 highlights or here for a full video!)

For 2012, we plan to continue our services to encompass additional age groups and interests with more music, art, educational programs, and other cultural events that will cater to our growing public audience and to you! Our Sunday Arabic school is one of the best Arabic teaching programs around, and we plan to maintain our high standards. We invite you to help us spread the word about CAC, and share in this exciting time in building an Arabic cultural center that will endure for generations. (Click here for 2012 preview.)

The growth of CAC is allowing us to bring events valued by our community, and raise awareness about Arabic Culture, which means, we’ll need to spend additional hours, get additional help/resources, and of course we’ll need the support of our community. Support from friends like you goes a long way to help us sustain the high caliber of service and rich events that we offer; without your help CAC cannot succeed!

This year, to continue with our planned programming and serve the community, we have a goal of raising $40,000. This money will provide the necessary funding for critical CAC operations to allow us to deliver our valuable portfolio of programs. Your support of CAC is critical to our success and will have a profound impact on students, children, families, our community and greater Massachusetts. If you have given last year, we truly appreciate your generosity, and as you can see, your money was put to great use. Please consider donating a little more this year to help us reach our goal. If you have not donated before, please consider investing in a community center that represents you, serves your family and has become a source of pride.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and contributions. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail us anytime at info at cacboston.org; we look forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes,
Noreen Hafez Ayan, President, CAC Board of Director


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