“Palestine: The Exodus and the Odyssey” – An Exhibit of the Art of Ismail and Tamam Shammout

“Palestine:  The Exodus & the Odyssey,” was an exhibition of 19 large mural oil paintings by prominent Palestinian artist Ismail Shammout and his wife Tamam.  The entire work can be seen by visiting the artists’ website, www.shammout.com/palestine.  It also exists in the form of a book that can be ordered from www.PalestineOnlineStore.com .   We have a 2006 wall calendar version, published by www.PalestineCalendar.org .  He was born in Lydda in 1930 but became one of the approximately 800,000 refugees from Palestine in the nakba year  of 1948, living in a refugee camp in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip.  In 1950 he enrolled in the College of Fine Arts in Cairo and, four years later, held his first major exhibition there.  He moved to Beirut in 1958, married his artist colleague Tamam Aref Al-Akhal in 1959, and in 1965 became the Director of Arts and National Culture for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).  Following the Israeli devastation of Beirut in 1982, he moved with his family to Kuwait and then, following the 1991 Gulf War, to Cologne, Germany.  He and his wife currently live in Amman, Jordan.

Our 2006 wall calendar version of Ismail Shammout’s art work includes the following pictures of oil on canvas paintings, all approximately 165 cm x 200 cm. and painted between 1997 and 2004.  The form a chronological tableau of modern Palestinian history.

1.  “The Spring That Was”

2.  “To the Unknown”

3.  “The Road To Nowhere”

4.  “Palestinians…Refugees”

5.  “The Nightmare and the Dream”

6.  “For Survival”

7.  “Life Prevails”

8.  “Resistance”

9.  “Homage to the Martyrs”

10.  “Intifada”

11.  “The Dream of Tomorrow”

12.  “The Wall”


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