Colors From Palestine: 2009 Wall Calendar

Mohammad Salameh and Lama Jamjoum established Resistance Art ( in 2005.  It publishes a series of “Colors From Palestine” wall calendars that each feature a dozen different Palestinian artists and one of their art works.  The 2009 calendar features the following artists and their art works:

1.  Resistance Art Poster – “Yom Al-Ard”

2.  Sammer Ghattas – “Love,” water colors on paper, 2000.

3.  Issam Bader – “Village,” oil on canvas, 1980.

4.  Rajie Cook – “All flights are cancelled,” mixed media.

5.  Tammam Al-Akhal – “Steadfast as a rock”

6.  Abdel Rahmen Al-Mozayen – “Jenin,” ink on paper, 2002.

7.  Ghassan Kanafani – “The Reader,” oil on canvas.

8.  Cathy Salameh – “Away,” photgraph, 2007.

9.  Hanadi Bader – “Untitled,” oil, sand on canvas, 1991.

10.  Faten Tobasi – “View from Akka,” water color on paper, 1991.

11.  Fayeq Owies – “Peace, Justice and Dignity”

12.  Hisham Muhsin – “Farmer,” oil on canvas, 1999.


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