Fen Magazine
. It’s the Arabic word for art.

And art is the product, and the result of creativity; vision beyond sight; pushing the limits; questioning the status quo, and it’s a catalyst for change.

The first and only of its kind, FEN Magazine is an online publication devoted to covering, elevating, and promoting collaboration between Arab-American artists around the world.

It’s the definitive source of entertainment, news, and inspiration for today’s growing community of artists and fans, and will be for generations to come. It’s VIBE Magazine meets Entertainment Weekly meets Rolling Stone in the context of Arab America. Published online, updated weekly, read daily.

Based in New York and San Francisco, we scour skylines, countrysides and everything in between, for emerging trends and talent. FEN brings you the best coverage of inspirational artists who are fueled by a sincere and infectious love of art. Our readers are just as diverse as our creative team — CEOs and high-schoolers, artists and accountants, record label-owners and aspiring musicians — there’s a place for everyone in FEN. It’s the premiere destination for anyone seeking to discover, follow, or support Arab-American artists.


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