AL JADID – a review and record of Arab culture and arts

  • “Daring and unafraid of tackling hot and sensitive issues…”
  • “…asking questions no one else asks, and printing what others hide.”
  • “Critical, truth-telling, truly independent, and free thinking publication at a time when others offers apologia and false praise for all Arab cultural productions.”
  • “Predictable only in terms of the broad diversity which you discover in its pages…”
  • “…owned by no corporation, and accountable to no one but to its readers…”

In a recent media review article published in the Nation magazine, novelist and former New Yorker magazine correspondent Amy Wilentz wrote, “So I was led reluctantly to the magazine, but when I looked into its back issues, I discovered that it contains a wealth of opinion and information that no one else is publishing in English.” She adds, “Magazines like Al Jadid, which are concerned with niche obsessions or particular groups, also often speak with unintentional authority to the universal, to the general human experience”


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